21 Awesome Table Tennis Tips Tricks

21 Awesome Table Tennis Tips & Tricks – How to be Good at Ping Pong

21 things a professional table tennis player always reminds of themselves.

If you remember the 21 tips below, congratulations, the day you step up to the pro line of table tennis is not far away.

  1. Not mastering the basics is like building a tower superficially, without a foundation, it cannot be taller. Because to play good table tennis, do not lose your temper, be patient and carefully memorize the basics of table tennis.
  2. A good table tennis player is someone who can choose the right time to hit the ball.
  3. Mistakes are people who are always trying to decide who is the winner in a match. On the contrary, it is the person with the best hits back.
  4. Only you know yourself best. Find a table tennis style that is best suited for you.
  5. The most important thing: hit the ball!
  6. Not because the racket misses the ball, it’s that you didn’t have a good shot.
  7. Don’t give up, no matter how hopeless you might be. While the match is still in progress, there is still a chance to win. Let’s fight to the end.
  8. In a real game, forget about the technical elements, and focus on the strategy.
    Think: where to bounce the ball, instead of: how.
  9. Most of the excellent athletes are in good shape, capable and talented.
    What distinguishes them from others is how they use what they have.
  10. The harmony between mind and your body is an essential thing in ping pong.
  11. Understanding the opponent’s weaknesses is always an essential element in a real ping pong strategy.
  12. The first athletes in emergencies even performs better hits.
  13. Don’t be afraid of the opponent on your opposite side, it doesn’t help at all. Instead, focus on fighting and using all your abilities you have. You can win any match by fighting with your heart and mind.
  14. Always try to catch the ball, even if you have completely given up. Moving your legs and hit back, this habit will become your killer instinct.
  15. Ping pong is a sport for all ages, so that you can play ping-pong for life with the right amount of movement.
  16. If you want to be a good athlete, you need to practice regularly every day, month after month. Tip: during practice you should not use an expensive table tennis paddle, just use the one that suits your strategy.
  17. Concentration is a skill to win, it depends on the will of each person. You have to make sure that you only think about the game and not until the match is over. And most of all, don’t let you get distracted by what happens at the next table.
  18. Don’t let your opponent lead you, watch his play, find ways to break and force him to play your way.
  19. One thing to remember: tools are dead, people are alive, so don’t depend too much on the quality of the tools. To develop your abilities and improve your skills, don’t be too attentive on racquets, balls, shoes, ping pong paddle rack
  20. Your blow is your weapon in battle: the sharper the weapon, the higher your chances of victory. But only good weapons cannot win a war, you need more than that, you are the leader of the war.
  21. Be more respectful of your table tennis racket; If you fail then you are responsible for it. Plus you can completely swap out other racquets during the match, so prepare all your favorite weapons.

Hope these ping pong tips and tricks will help you achieve your achievements in your upcoming matches. Now, let’s continue to practice.

recommended baseball bats

The right bat could enhance a player’s performance on the field

As you have noticed, the USA baseball market is massively competitive, for the last few years there are only a few bats could survive and rise to the top of the chart. Purchasing a suitable bat can be a real struggle due to the enormous volume of bats available on the market. When choosing a baseball bat, we highly recommend you to pay a close attention to these three main features: durability, performance, and the comfort at the plate. Select the right bat could enhance a player’s performance on the field because it could create massive advantage on the field. Each bat has its own specialized feature, which fits specifically for different playing styles. We go over some recommended baseball bats for you, analyze its pros and cons, provide the most subjective sight to choose your bat.

Louisville Slugger Meta

Louisville Slugger Meta

The 2020 Louisville Slugger defined what it means to lead the trend in a class of bats with its fascinating outlook. It is the most common bat in high school leagues because its swing weight, length options and barrel size is so fit that it could be thought to be designed for high school students. As expected, the Louisville Slugger Meta climbed on top of the BBCOR bats list in 2020. The price, surprisingly is quite suitable for parents to equip their child this amazing baseball bat.

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In the BBCOR test, the CF shines brightly in from its user feedback. Players love the way its feels, sound and how their hands respond to hit and mishits. The 3-Fusion technology used in the construction diffuses vibrations and generates energy back into the barrel. Also, the Paraflex Plus composite materials are back for another season and likely will provide premium feel and pop. Another advantage is that the CF contains various size options to fit the vast majority of serious baseball players. Although the BBCOR market is replete with options, the 2020 DeMarini CF has ranked among the top 8 BBCOR bats everywhere we looked. However, durability is a critical disadvantage for this bat, if you want to play it safe, you should do the break-in period (150 hits approximately) before bring it on the field. Another drawback is that this DeMarini CF’s price is not kind to your wallet.

Axe Avenge – Pro handle

Axe Avenge – Pro handle

Axe bats has its revolution in the way of improving its product’s look. For 2020, Axe adjusted the handle to optimize the grip for adult hands. There is a fact that the rounded in the bottom hand for optimizing hand fit is built base on many MLB player’s feedback. This interesting fact prove how much the producer listens to their client, and the wide acceptance by many type of players at many range. This  bat is storming the BIG LEAUGUE, and we think Axe is the most innovative BBCOR bat in 2020.

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What is an Inverter Generator?

A couple of years ago when Honda released first generators equipped with the inverter technology, I had the same question in my mind – what is an inverter generator?
What is the difference between a generator and a good inverter?

What is an inverter generator and how does it work?

An inverter generator is a unit which operates like this:

Step 1. The raw AC (alternate current) energy produced by the engine of the generator is converted to the DC (direct current) power.

Step 2. The built-in electronic inverter converts it again back to the AC power rated at the standard US rate of 120V and 60Hz.

Result: This kind of inverted AC power is much more stable than in the case of conventional generators. Since it is delivered in steady sine waves, it creates less harmonic distortion and can be safely used to power sensitive devices such as laptops or medical equipment.

The following graph explains the difference between the AC electricity delivered by conventional generators and the “cleaner” power provided by inverter generators.

As you can see in the case of the conventional generators the AC current is “unsteady”. These deviations from the regular sine wave are known as harmonic distortion. The total amount of these occurring while the generator’s engine is on is known as THD – Total Harmonic Distortion.

But is THD a big thing and a potential cause for worries when it comes to the safety of your electrical equipment? In fact – yes, it is.

Jackery 160 vs 240  – Jackery 240 vs 500

How does THD affect the safety of your electric equipment?

Quite a lot of old school electrical appliances can handle higher levels of THD pretty well. All in all things like drills, electric saws and a lot of other electrical equipment used at work and home were designed in the times when the electricity grids were much less technologically sophisticated than today. Those appliances can generally work safely even with the relatively high total harmonic distortions.

By saying “high” we should define here what is defined as “clean energy” – the type of power which can be safely used also with more sensitive hi-tech electronics. Engineers generally agree on 3% THD as the maximum threshold for the power to be classified as clean.

Modern electric grid power in the US operates for the vast majority of time below this threshold. This is one of the reasons why you should probably never be afraid of charging your laptop via a wall socket. That is simply because you are nearly guaranteed that it won’t damage your electronics (although rare exceptions happen).

wen 56200i vs 56202i
wen 56200i vs 56203i
wen 56200i vs predator 2000
wen 56200i vs honda eu2000i
wen 56202i vs 56203i

Make bat

How to Make A Baseball Bat

Recently, I learned how to make a baseball bat for my son. I have prepared quite a bit of knowledge for this plan. And I had an acceptable product. I want to share for everyone to comment on their way.

If you think this is too difficult, you can rely on advice from experienced people to choose to buy yourself the most suitable stick.

Materials to prepare:

To start the work, I need to prepare the ingredients. It is very easy to find and purchase. I have prepared the following items:

A model baseball bat.

Custom cuts of wood, meeting the size of the bat you want to make

Perforated kits with diverse chisels such as oblique, pointed, sickle, straight, …

Lathe, surface polishing machine, hammer, wood saw planer, ball pen, and scale.


Manufacturing steps to cause the baseball

Step 1: Create a basic shape for the log

First, I took the piece of wood prepared to form a rectangular box, size: 37 inches long by 3 inches by 3 inches.

I then use opaque to remove its corners, so that the cross-section is octagonal, which will reduce the amount of wood you need to remove.

If you order a piece of wood that has been prepared for a baseball bat, you may not need to do this step like me.

Step 2: Mark the locations where wood needs to be removed

You use the prepared baseball bat model

Place the model on the top of the log, using a marker pen every 4 inches 1 times the diameter of the bat.

The marker will serve as a guide when turning wood. These measurements represent 4-inch increments from the crown to the muzzle. [2]

The knob should measure diameter 2.

The knob should measure 2 ”diameter.

4 “diameter is 1”

8 “diameter is 1”

12 ”diameter is 1 ⅛”

16 ”diameter is 1 ¼”

20 ”diameter is 1 ¾”

24 “diameter is 2 3/16”

28 ”diameter is 2 7/16”

32 ”diameter is 2 ½”

Step 3: Turning wood according to the marked size:

Put the stick in the lathe, making sure it is in place and firmly.

I used the instructions at “wikihow” to perform this stage:

  1. Turn on the lathe
  2. Use a roughing gouge to round out the wood into a cylinder
  3. Make diameter cuts every four inches as a guide
  4. Use a gouge to connect the diameter cuts of the first 12 inches of the barrel
  5. Remove wood along the handle end of the bat
  6. Remark the bat with 4-inch increments
  7. Use a skew chisel to cut diameter cuts every four inches along with the handle
  8. Connect the diameter grooves using the gouge chisel
  9. Measure the desired bat length from the end of the barrel
  10. Create the knob of the bat
  11. Check the bat for bumps
  12. Sand the bat

Fist project

Step 4: Complete the bat

I use 2-layer varnish, Min-Wax wax to finish the bat surface.

After a period of hard work, the result I received was a pretty satisfactory bat. However, the feeling of holding it is not really good. If you really want to personalize your bat, I hope you give it a try. Good luck!


Basic tips for practicing with a punching bag at home


Hello everyone for visiting our Self Defense Martial Arts Blog. My name is Tom, the person in charge of content on the Blog.
After two articles on consulting the best humanoid punching bags in 2020 and comparing the standard BOB XL and BOB punch bags. The two articles have been loved and appreciated by many readers, and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of punching bag. Today I would like to write an article on practice exercises with punching bags at home.
It may seem simple when you throw a punch into the punching bag, but if you have never used a punching bag, it will be a bit difficult. Because the punching bag weighs between 50 and 150 pounds, you will experience resistance from the punching bag that makes you feel jarring and a little painful. Therefore, to be able to practice with the best results, you need to do the following:
1. Warm-up: The goal is to warm up the body, so as not to suffer injuries such as ligaments stretch, cramps, muscle strain .. during exercise. You must warm up before practicing with the punching bag of about 10 minutes. Warm-up exercises include: running on the spot, jumping jack, plank …
2. Standing upright position: Standing in front of the punching bag, one arm away from the pocket, the two legs stand staggered together, and form a 60-degree angle. If you are right-handed, your left-hand takes a stance (protecting your face) and your right hand directly punches in the front pocket. If you are left-handed, do the opposite of the above, which is: right-hand posture (face protection), your left hand punched directly into the punching bag in front of you. Practice this exercise until you become proficient, then move on to the next exercise.
3. Crossing: By putting all of your energy into focusing on your fists, and changing the order of your legs and arms (if you punch your right hand then your left leg is in front and if your left hand is punched, your right leg is first) ). In this exercise, there are two types of diagonal punches, the first being diagonal punching from right to left or from left to right. The advantage is fast speed, used when attacking opponents. The downside is not a strong punch force, the opponent easily dodges or blocks. The second form is diagonal punching from the bottom up (hook punching). The advantage of this type of punch is a great power, can be used when attacking and defending, opponents are harder to dodge and block.
Above are the basic types of exercise with punching bags, which help you practice at home easier. In the following article, I will share more details about other exercises with punching bags, you look forward to it.

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Manual safe all-purpose aluminum cutting machine

Here I will guide you to use the aluminum cutter at home

Best 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades

1. Manual safe multi-purpose aluminum cutting machine

Although the capacity and cutting speed of aluminum cutting machines are not high, this model still holds the list of machines that are dangerous to users when used. So equip yourself with the basic knowledge to ensure absolute safety when performing.

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Use a safe and versatile aluminum cutter

Safety principle for multi-purpose aluminum cutting machine users

In the process of operating the multi-purpose aluminum cutting machine, there will be fire sparks due to the cutting process creating friction between the blade and the material. The sparks will cause damage to the body, especially the eye.

Workers need to bring workwear such as earplugs, sunglasses to protect the body from damaging sparks.

Make sure to turn off the machine completely when you want to move, because the multifunctional aluminum cutting machine has a large and bulky structure, so it is difficult to move, to avoid serious damage caused by the blade. The machine stopped completely when operating.

When the machine operates, it will produce fire flowers, so do not use the machine in environments containing flammable objects, minimizing the risk of fire.

Do not use the mower in a place with high temperatures, lots of oil, and sharp objects.

Note the use of universal aluminum cutting machines

  • Adjust the cutting angle to match the object.
  • Clamp the workpiece tightly to the machining size
  • Cutting workpiece adjusts load evenly
  • Move the machine when it has completely stopped
  • The top end of the drum should be used to cushion easily, without cutting the object to interrupt the process.

The size of the object at a 0-degree angle

  • For circular objects: 129
  • For square objects: 119 × 119
  • For rectangular objects: 100 × 196
  • Sharp objects: 130 × 130

These are the most basic knowledge while using versatile aluminum cutting machines that mechanic should know to make sure your work is always safer and easier. In addition, depending on the job, the part to be cut, you need to have different techniques for cutting speed, cutting speed, etc. Pay attention to the specifications of the machine when using it!

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