Manual safe all-purpose aluminum cutting machine

Here I will guide you to use the aluminum cutter at home

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1. Manual safe multi-purpose aluminum cutting machine

Although the capacity and cutting speed of aluminum cutting machines are not high, this model still holds the list of machines that are dangerous to users when used. So equip yourself with the basic knowledge to ensure absolute safety when performing.

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Use a safe and versatile aluminum cutter

Safety principle for multi-purpose aluminum cutting machine users

In the process of operating the multi-purpose aluminum cutting machine, there will be fire sparks due to the cutting process creating friction between the blade and the material. The sparks will cause damage to the body, especially the eye.

Workers need to bring workwear such as earplugs, sunglasses to protect the body from damaging sparks.

Make sure to turn off the machine completely when you want to move, because the multifunctional aluminum cutting machine has a large and bulky structure, so it is difficult to move, to avoid serious damage caused by the blade. The machine stopped completely when operating.

When the machine operates, it will produce fire flowers, so do not use the machine in environments containing flammable objects, minimizing the risk of fire.

Do not use the mower in a place with high temperatures, lots of oil, and sharp objects.

Note the use of universal aluminum cutting machines

  • Adjust the cutting angle to match the object.
  • Clamp the workpiece tightly to the machining size
  • Cutting workpiece adjusts load evenly
  • Move the machine when it has completely stopped
  • The top end of the drum should be used to cushion easily, without cutting the object to interrupt the process.

The size of the object at a 0-degree angle

  • For circular objects: 129
  • For square objects: 119 × 119
  • For rectangular objects: 100 × 196
  • Sharp objects: 130 × 130

These are the most basic knowledge while using versatile aluminum cutting machines that mechanic should know to make sure your work is always safer and easier. In addition, depending on the job, the part to be cut, you need to have different techniques for cutting speed, cutting speed, etc. Pay attention to the specifications of the machine when using it!

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