21 Awesome Table Tennis Tips Tricks

21 Awesome Table Tennis Tips & Tricks – How to be Good at Ping Pong

21 things a professional table tennis player always reminds of themselves.

If you remember the 21 tips below, congratulations, the day you step up to the pro line of table tennis is not far away.

  1. Not mastering the basics is like building a tower superficially, without a foundation, it cannot be taller. Because to play good table tennis, do not lose your temper, be patient and carefully memorize the basics of table tennis.
  2. A good table tennis player is someone who can choose the right time to hit the ball.
  3. Mistakes are people who are always trying to decide who is the winner in a match. On the contrary, it is the person with the best hits back.
  4. Only you know yourself best. Find a table tennis style that is best suited for you.
  5. The most important thing: hit the ball!
  6. Not because the racket misses the ball, it’s that you didn’t have a good shot.
  7. Don’t give up, no matter how hopeless you might be. While the match is still in progress, there is still a chance to win. Let’s fight to the end.
  8. In a real game, forget about the technical elements, and focus on the strategy.
    Think: where to bounce the ball, instead of: how.
  9. Most of the excellent athletes are in good shape, capable and talented.
    What distinguishes them from others is how they use what they have.
  10. The harmony between mind and your body is an essential thing in ping pong.
  11. Understanding the opponent’s weaknesses is always an essential element in a real ping pong strategy.
  12. The first athletes in emergencies even performs better hits.
  13. Don’t be afraid of the opponent on your opposite side, it doesn’t help at all. Instead, focus on fighting and using all your abilities you have. You can win any match by fighting with your heart and mind.
  14. Always try to catch the ball, even if you have completely given up. Moving your legs and hit back, this habit will become your killer instinct.
  15. Ping pong is a sport for all ages, so that you can play ping-pong for life with the right amount of movement.
  16. If you want to be a good athlete, you need to practice regularly every day, month after month. Tip: during practice you should not use an expensive table tennis paddle, just use the one that suits your strategy.
  17. Concentration is a skill to win, it depends on the will of each person. You have to make sure that you only think about the game and not until the match is over. And most of all, don’t let you get distracted by what happens at the next table.
  18. Don’t let your opponent lead you, watch his play, find ways to break and force him to play your way.
  19. One thing to remember: tools are dead, people are alive, so don’t depend too much on the quality of the tools. To develop your abilities and improve your skills, don’t be too attentive on racquets, balls, shoes, ping pong paddle rack
  20. Your blow is your weapon in battle: the sharper the weapon, the higher your chances of victory. But only good weapons cannot win a war, you need more than that, you are the leader of the war.
  21. Be more respectful of your table tennis racket; If you fail then you are responsible for it. Plus you can completely swap out other racquets during the match, so prepare all your favorite weapons.

Hope these ping pong tips and tricks will help you achieve your achievements in your upcoming matches. Now, let’s continue to practice.